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About Spellbound by Jo

Calling all witches, crafters, creators - Spellbound by Jo is a metaphysical and witchcraft shop, here to supply you with everything you need for spell work and rituals, to gifts and favors! We are continuously adding new products to our site and even take custom orders. If you are looking for something that you don’t see contact us and we’ll try our best to source it responsibly.


All are welcome here. Keep calm and be witchy.

Meet Jess

Your Resident Witch

From a young age, I was always drawn to magic. The inexplicable shift in the atmosphere before the storm that every witch can recognize. That awakening we all search for, and I found within my craft. Witchcraft wasn’t foreign to me, but I had realized that I’ve been doing it my whole life. I began my more focused journey of becoming a practicing witch roughly a decade ago, and in the last 8 years have found this to be my true calling. Elemental magic, and spell jars are my specialty. However, I am excited to continue exploring my abilities in tarot, and especially runes.


Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher and I feel like any chance I have to make a positive impact on someone’s life I want to take it. Now I hope to share this knowledge and make witchcraft more accessible and less intimidating. 


When I’m not crafting something you can usually find me playing Zelda or watching The Office, but most likely I’m conjuring something in the kitchen. Cooking is its own brand of magic, and it’s my favorite ritual.


I’m a no nonsense, tough love Sagittarius who isn’t afraid to tell you the uncomfortable truth, but I’ll always help you find the solution. From crystals, to jars to cord cuttings, I have a spell for that.

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